Woodpecker on a pine tree outside our house. Anyone know if they actually damage the large trees?
around: Corvallis  
posted: Feb 23rd, 2006  
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i think woodpeckers are going after the bugs that are in the tree.
posted by pril on Feb 23rd, 2006
There is one school of thought that says they actually are a benfit brcause they break up fungus. They are after termites which are only found in areas that are dead already. Nice picture
posted by RonBeasley on Feb 23rd, 2006
According to my bird book, these guys make holes to wound the tree and return later to sip the sap (and any bugs that get stuck). A few pine trees in our neighborhood are COVERED in dripping sap, but ours seems healty.
posted by otterlove on Mar 8th, 2006
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