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The Crallspace
Rocket Dreams of Winter Birds...
Go, Beavs!
Robin on the Beauty Berry Bush...
C'mon, Ol' Buddy!
Beauty Berry Bush
Across Our Road
Witch Hazel...
Beginning of the Parade
Homecoming in Corvallis
Toad Lily...
A Last-Ditch Burst of Color
Pepsi Building
Midge Cramer View
Team Motto!
Start at Crystal Lake
Pet spider
Fall Knitting
2 Lovely Eggplants...
Getting ready for Fall...Pig-Style!
This Morning in Corvallis...
Mourning Dove
Itchy Itchy Shake
Framed: Pyroclastic Adhesion
Framed: No Hunting
Go Beavs!
Anita's Garden...
Pack of Wild Dogs
Moms Up to No Good
Himalayan Honeysuckle in the Garden!
Buck with Velvet Antlers...
Cronemiller Lake
da Vinci Days Geocaching Booth!
Uncle Theo
Unfocused Scorpion! (Near Alsea!)
hood berries
Hilltop Big Band...
Women's Building veranda, OSU
Very Tall Foxtail Lilies!
New lily by the front door!
Life in a Guinness glass...
Come and have a seat!
My Malory Kaye Iris
Artwork Gifts
peterson tunnel
Quiet Scrubs...
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