Long-Toed Salamander

Long-Toed Salamander
Found along the Molalla River. The low light made this really hard to shoot but I think it turned out ok.
around: Molallacamera: NIKON D50
posted: Oct 23rd, 2007taken: Oct 18th, 2007 4:11 AM
 settings: f/13, 60 mm
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oops, should be LONG-Toed Salamander.
posted by rmorgan on Oct 23rd, 2007
Beautiful picture, great colors. Looks almost tropical. Very clear eyes and face. I also like the crisp hairy edge of the leaf. Is the salamander holding a small twig?
posted by MATT EVANS on Oct 24th, 2007
I believe it is. I was amazed at how fast these guys are. As soon as it had had enough of me he was gone.
posted by rmorgan on Oct 24th, 2007
That's a fantastic picture. We just covered these little dudes in my Vertebrate Zoology class. Dandy animals.
posted by bpaul on Oct 24th, 2007
After talking with a few people, I think this is a Dunn's Salamander rather than a long-toed salamander.
posted by rmorgan on Oct 24th, 2007
I have to agree. The dunn's has a more distinct "nose" than the long-toed. It has a "nasal-labial groove." This looks like it has the right snout to be a Plethedon (Dunn's is in that family). I was going to say something before but decided to shut my trap. No need to ruin a great photo by getting too picky about the details.
posted by bpaul on Oct 24th, 2007
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