Strange Beast

Strange Beast
Driving up near Mt Hood, I slowed down to see this strange, yet cute little animal.
around: Sandy  
posted: Jan 10th, 2007  
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muskrat? It looks bear-sized for some reason. Must be an illusion in the picture! How cool! What a critter!
posted by pril on Jan 11th, 2007
I thought it might have been a big beaver.
posted by thepacsays on Jan 11th, 2007
It a appears to be a marmot, or a newborn sasquatch. MD
posted by Oregon Wild on Jan 13th, 2007
haha, my vote is newborn sasquatch.
posted by pb on Jan 13th, 2007
Looks like big foot! LOL!
posted by Sundance on May 6th, 2007
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