Way to Go Rupp!

Way to Go Rupp!
Galen Rupp (green shorts) of Central Catholic HS on the final lap of the Nike Mile, a race run this afternoon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ever sub-four-minute mile, run by Roger Bannister. Rupp broke the Oregon high school record for the mile, crossing the line in 4:01.76.
by Schmela
around: Beaverton  
posted: May 6th, 2004  
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Awsome, maybe the U.S. has an olypic hopeful after all.
posted by Alan on May 7th, 2004
a week before this meet he ran a 13;55 5k and to come to this meet and run 4;01 1600m thats fast.this kid is ina great shape.congrat rupp keep up the hard work.
posted by jaime on May 7th, 2004
he split 3:45 in the course of his 4:01 by the way.
posted by pat on May 8th, 2004
way to go. wish we had more runners like you around this area.
posted by josh on May 8th, 2004
go for it in Beijing
posted by jp on May 8th, 2004
And I think he will be best at 5,000 meters.
posted by sb on May 12th, 2004
The other half of the story....Rupp is very fortunate. He comes from a Catholic family and community that is well grounded and centered on keeping your head while pressing yourself physically/ mentally. His coach Alberto inspires lots of kids in the Portland area particularly the boys that he coaches in the Nike program over the summer and at Central Catholic HS where he is the distance cross country and distance coach. His faith -helps keep these young men grounded when the Hype becomes greater than the event. This is the beginning for Galen and a batch of others that are training physically & spiritually for the challenges that lie ahead on the track of Life. As Mikhail Igloi once said to a group of runners after a tough workout on the Santa Monica track, "God gave you the great gift of your legs and lungs and much can be done to tone them but you must learn the limits of your Heart and your Head".
posted by Allen Boyce on May 29th, 2004
The next Pre,Galen Rupp, Oregon and USA champion! Future 5K World Champ! Destination: Beijing!
posted by Chava on Nov 18th, 2004
You are an inspiration to runners like myself. I just saw you at Glendoveer running with 5 others (23rd November 2004). You were on the Halsey side. I tried to run with you for about 400 meters, it was a good try. Go Rupp!
posted by Bryan Baker on Nov 23rd, 2004
first of all rupp is the going to be the best american distance runner ever. if you cant see that then you dont know track. unless he gets seriously injured hes going to way better then my idol pre, he will be better then kennedy to. he is an amazing runner and to run 1337 as a 18 yr old thats amazing. i hope this oregon project works!!! go rupp!!!
posted by mike on Mar 13th, 2005
Rupp is going to be a true Olympian in 2008.
posted by Scott on Jul 8th, 2005
i hate rupp. he was handed everything and what about Ryan Vail, to whom rupp lost every 1500 meter run?
posted by mike on Jul 13th, 2005
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